‘White Bullet’ pushes the Subaru Impreza WRX to its Limits

When someone mentions drag racing, you probably get the following image in your head -muscle cars with protruding superchargers rushing down the strip at unruly speeds. Perhaps even a parachute or two deploying. Those more familiar with the drag racing scene might even imagine an FWD Japanese import tuned to insane levels. What no one thinks of however is a four-wheel drive Subaru WRX.

The Impreza’s roots go back to rallying and gravel. It’s a sport where lateral grip is more important than longitudinal one. It’s a sport where AWD is absolutely necessary to go fast, whereas AWD is simply a hindrance in drag racing. And yet, here it is – the world’s fastest Subaru WRX STI.

Impressive Stats

Before we get deeper into the minds of the people who built it, you have to know the official stats. The insane Subaru WRX STI creation known as ‘White Bullet’ was conjured up by the guys over at White Bullet Racing, based in Puerto Rico. At the moment, White Bullet holds the record for the fastest six-speed STI in the world, running a time of 8.46 seconds for the quarter-mile at a trap speed of 165 mph. Just to give you an idea as to how quick that is, consider the following: a brand-new McLaren 720S can only just squeeze into the 9-second bracket, running mid-to-high 9s.

The guys at White Bullet Racing bought the car with the intention to take it racing. It was never supposed to be a street car, so it never got driven a whole lot. Initially, the car was capable of running 11s and even 10s with the stock location red turbo. From there, things escalated as they often do with these crazy builds.

Heavily Modified

To say the STI is heavily modified would be an understatement. In its current state of tune, it’s capable of pushing out well over 1,000 horsepower, and the work that has gone into the drivetrain to support that power figure is enormous. The 2.5-liter four-cylinder Boxer motor had to be sleeved so it wouldn’t explode and grenade itself under the heavy pressures. The boost is turned up all the way to max and it uses race fuel as well as methanol injection to keep the engine temps cool and prevent any sort of knock.

The twin-scroll precision Turbo is massive, and it has to be if it is to produce well over 1,000 horsepower from a small 2.5-liter! To keep up with fueling demand they’ve also fitted it with a 2,000cc injector and a fuel cell fed fuel system.

Although Subaru’s Boxer motor is known to be reliable, it’s not exactly capable of making these sorts of figures without massive modifications. Its unique layout that gives Subarus that excellent handling also makes it a challenge to just work on the engine, let alone make it withstand all that abuse. This makes White Bullet Racing’s creation all that more spectacular.

Sleeved Cylinders

Their secret is in the block. Rather than a closed block, they’ve opted to entirely sleeve the cylinders. This means that they were able to go with a 9.0:1 compression with aftermarket off-the-shelf pistons, instead of keeping the high compression CNC pistons. The lost difference in compression was, naturally, made up by that giant turbo and all that boost!

They’ve also completely stripped out the interior and added a racing seat as well as a racing instrument cluster for the full racecar effect. The car sits on large drag radials since it needs all the rubber it can get to effectively put that power to the ground.

As everyone else, the guys over at White Bullet Racing have plans to crush their existing record at a future event, but only time will tell if their dreams come true. We applaud their efforts that show just how ahead of the game Subaru vehicles are and look forward to seeing what they come up with next.

The people working there are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and are real car enthusiasts with a passion. The build itself is something extraordinary as well. Words are not able to describe it. If you want to take a more in-depth look at the car as well as hear the people who build it talk a little bit about it, watch videos of the beast in action. You’ll be amazed by the attention to detail these guys have spent on this thing. Enjoy!