Using Photography to Improve Repair Services

Part of being a successful auto body repair St. Louis facility is having the tools and resources to identify damage and make repairs. You need more than the human eye to catch every intricate detail that affects customer vehicles. Whether your organization specializes in specific aspects of auto body repairs or does it all, it helps if you can photograph the damage and repair results so there is no confusion about the quality of services you provide.

Sure, your repair techs may be eager to get started on each job to ensure a fast turn around but haste can lead to mistakes. Mistakes can lead to unhappy customers and poor reviews. It is imperative to train our employees to take professional quality photos for each and every job for accuracy. Here are a few pointers to consider.

Take Photos From All Angles

Angles are important, especially when it comes to automotive repairs. Regardless of the dimensions and color of a vehicle, photos that highlight damage from different angles are crucial to ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

Checks and Balances

You‘ll need more than one worker to check photos to ensure that nothing is missed. Though your workers may know everything there is to know about repairing damaged and missing components, most vehicle owners are obsessed with how well their vehicles are treated when they are not in their possession. Your customers are entrusting your company with one of their biggest investments. It is only fitting that you go the extra mile to implement resources to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Photos help protect your bottom-line. No matter how stellar your company’s work is, everyone might not be a fan. If negative reviews or complaints are lodged against your company, you can use photos to support your response. Just make sure that response is crafted professionally and delivered in a timely manner to show other customers how professional and responsive your organization is.