UCP government wants input from Albertans on ‘education choice’

A file photo of an empty classroom. .

A survey has been launched to allow Albertans a chance to offer their input to help make decisions on future education legislation by Premier Jason Kenney’s UCP government.

“We committed to Albertans that our government would introduce a Choice in Education Act to affirm that parents have the primary responsibility for the education of their children,” Education Minister Adriana LaGrange said in a news release issued Thursday.

“Hearing what this means to Albertans is an important first step towards meeting this commitment.”

The survey, which will collect responses until Dec. 6, asks respondents questions like whether they live in a rural or urban area, whether they identify as being Indigenous, First Nations, Métis or Francophone, what kind of school their child attends and why, how satisfied they are with choices available to them in the province’s education system and what they believe is working and not working in the education system.

The government said it expects of introduce new education legislation in the spring 2020 legislative session “to affirm and enhance choice within Alberta’s existing system.”

“Alberta has a long and proud history of education choice,” LaGrange said. “This choice is on display within a robust education system that includes public and separate schools, Francophone schools, charter schools, independent schools, early childhood education and home education.

“I ask Albertans to share their views with us to help improve on an already strong foundation.”

The government said it is also consulting with other education stakeholders for feedback that can help inform any future legislation it brings forward.