Think of photography 24×7, beginners told

The auditorium of a local hotel transformed into a classroom for shutterbugs on Thursday when renowned photographer Shiresh R. Karrale, who came from Mumbai, doled out easy techniques to photography enthusiasts on how to get the best shot.

The day-long workshop, organised by Tamron, focussed on fashion and portrait photography. The participants were given a lowdown on which lens should be put to use for capturing specific images.

“A photographer is an artist, an image-maker, he has to be very creative,” said Mr. Karrale, who walked in sharp at 9 a.m. and had to wait for the participants who leisurely strolled in behind schedule.

“I urge you all to set a target as the first step and then work hard to achieve it. Study the market trends and the latest technology and hone your skills accordingly,” said Mr. Karrale.

Later, he said photography enthusiasts in Vijayawada city were eager to learn new techniques but in the absence of a mentor, there was no proper guidance.

Ask him what it would take to be a good photographer, and he says: “One must think of photography 24×7. You must walk photography, talk photography, eat and sleep photography. Versatility is the key; if you have that, you will be commercially successful.”

He also shared with the participants some of his best works, the diagrams he works on.

“Nobody shares them these days because people tend to think that are trade secrets. But when you have sound knowledge, you don’t feel insecure about these things,” he says.