The Reasons to Visit a ‘Buy Here Pay Here’ Auto Dealership

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Why do you need to choose to buy a car in one place and then try to get financing for it from another? Buy Here Pay Here car dealerships say you don’t have to, and they’re revolutionizing car financing.

Now, you can choose your vehicle at the auto dealership and arrange financing for it all under the same roof. Not only do you get financing from the Buy Here Pay Here auto dealership, but you also make your monthly payments directly to them.

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships have sprung up nationwide. They have upended the car financing industry and traditional banking institutions are struggling to keep up with the new paradigm.

Everything under One Roof

Modern car dealerships know that consumers want to be able to do everything automotive in one spot. Many auto dealerships are also service centers, tire centers, sell accessories, and organize financing.

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships take this a step further by handling all of your financing and repayment needs at the dealership. You don’t need to get approval at a bank or spend multiple trips to different places to get your financing or make your repayments. It’s all done in-house.

Dealerships Can Offer Financing to More People

Banks are notoriously difficult to get financing from. You need to have an impeccable credit rating, a long-standing career with a good salary, an account with the bank that’s always been in good standing, and a bunch of documents showing the value of the vehicle you want to purchase. It’s a laborious process to get financing from a bank, and they often charge high interest rates for the privilege.

At a Buy Here Pay Here dealership, the dealership is in control of who they offer financing to. Typically, dealerships are less concerned about antiquated credit rating systems than banks are, and they are more interested in whether you can show you can make the repayments on a monthly basis. In most cases, six months of salary records are enough to show you will be able to repay the car loan.

Getting Financing and Making Repayments Is Easier

The very process of getting financing and making repayments has been simplified. You can get online pre-approval for financing from a Buy Here Pay Here in North Carolina and in other states, so even before you head down to the dealership you know how much you’re approved for so you can make your selection from the vehicle inventory with confidence.

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships take pains to ensure making repayments is simple. You can set up your payments to be made directly from your bank or debit card on a certain date monthly, make payments over the phone, pay by mail, and can go into the dealership and make payments in person.

Better Interest Rates Could Be Available

Don’t believe the scare tactics that suggest Buy Here Pay Here dealerships only offer high interest rates. Buy Here Pay Here financing can offer comparable interest rates to traditional methods. There’s no cost to compare with any other options available to you, so there’s no reason not to see what the dealership can offer.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles and Warranties

Buying from a used car dealership offers a number of benefits over purchasing on the private market. Besides the ease of getting financing, used car dealerships offer you protection that buying privately doesn’t.

Many Buy Here Pay Here auto dealerships will offer a short return policy so if you’re not happy with the car or the agreement you can return it.

Most used auto dealerships offer a limited warranty on the cars sold, so you have peace of mind that if something goes wrong with the vehicle you’ll be covered. This is not available when making a purchase on the private market.

Some Buy Here Pay Here auto dealers offer certified pre-owned vehicles that carry manufacturer’s limited warranties.

Check with Your Buy Here Pay Here Auto Dealership

While we’ve outlined some of the reasons to visit a Buy Here Pay Here auto dealership, individual dealerships do vary in the services they can offer and the dedication they have to offer excellent vehicles and good financing rates.

Find a Buy Here Pay Here dealership that offers low down payments, a good selection of vehicles from which to choose, transparent financing terms, quality inspections, car history reports, and fast credit approval. This way, you’ll no doubt get a good deal on a good car you can be proud of.