The art of the city

            The art of the city

Home décor is a major consideration when putting together the perfect home. The options are endless, but if the home is a high rise in the downtown Austin area, there is always the option of using the city as a piece of art in itself.

That was the thinking of Jennifer Greer Hartmann of GREER Interior Design at 3403 Glenview Ave. in Austin when she was contracted to design a prime urban loft space.

“As opposed to having a very overwhelming environment with lots of color and tons of things to look at, you kind of walk in and stare out at the skyline,” Hartmann said. “You look right down at the capital and the city has kind of a big role within the décor of the apartment.”

To accomplish this, Hartmann set about making the interior of the space as neutral as possible, which not only highlights the outdoor views, but also makes selected art pieces and indoor plants “pop” within the environment.

“The cabinets and floors were all really warm wood, red-toned wood” Hartmann said. “To neutralize it, and give it more of a classic, modern feel we painted all of the cabinets the color of the walls and we stained the floors so that it became more of a neutral-type background for their furnishings.”

            The art of the city