Shanice Shrestha and Rishi Dev in ‘Ye Hai Aashiqui’

‘Yeh Hai Aashiqui’ has set a benchmark for relationship based fiction suggests, by using showcasing unconventional love tales. the imminent episode will portray yet another particular love story.
Rishi Dev and Shanice Shrestha were roped in to play the lead characters – Ranveer and Sonakshi respectively.
Sonakshi’s life is in disarray after she loses her military officer brother, propelling her right into a country of misery. Ranveer, who is a friend of Sonakshi’s brother, involves the own family’s resource to deal with their loss.
sadly, things backfire for Ranveer, as he becomes a victim of Sonakshi’s wrath. To make matters worse, she blames him for her brother’s premature dying.
steadily, matters begin to alternate and Sonakshi, in a as an alternative weird twist, starts developing a soft nook for Ranveer by attending to understand his proper intentions.