Setting Up a Safe Perimeter on a Project

As a third-party contractor, you and your company may be hired for many city, state, and government road projects. The government or civic authorities who hired you may leave you to your own devices for deciding how the work gets done as long as it gets done on time and budget.

Still, you are liable for keeping not only your crew but also the public safe. You need to set up a safe zone for your crew to work in and motorists to drive through without getting into wrecks. You can guide them through the zones where you are working with orange traffic cones, digital signage, an automated flagger assistance device, and other equipment that you can rent online today.

Learning How the Equipment Works

It used to be that work crews would have an actual flag person standing at each end of the work zone. This person would wave his or her flag when it was safe for cars to travel through the part of the road being serviced.

Flag people were high-risk targets for being hit by cars or ignored by motorists, however. In response to a high number of road workers being injured or killed, designers came up with a new flagging device that will automatically signal motorists to go through when it is safe.

This device controls the flow of traffic better and is more difficult to ignore than someone standing on the side of the road. It looks and functions similarly to a traffic light with its red, yellow, and green lights. Motorists respond better to it than someone standing in front of them waving a flag.

You can read more about this device, how it works, and what it takes to connect it to a source of power at your project site. Once you understand the basics of its function, you can rent and use it confidently to keep your work site safe.

Other Safety Equipment

Along with a flagging device, you may need additional equipment to set up a safe work area. Traffic cones are one of the most basic items that you need to cordon off the area. You can rent as many as you need online.

You can also lease supplies like rumble strips, trailers, and even drones on the website. The full list of inventory can be found on the company’s page.