How Rummy Inspires Art Lovers?

People with an artistic flair have a unique way of expressing their love for rummy card game. That is why an art lover who also enjoys playing rummy will explore his artistic skills to the fullest while expressing love for card games. Here are the different ways in which true card game lovers may reveal their artistic bend:

Cake Designs

A cake designer with a love for Gin Rummy or any other variation of rummy may come up with innovative cake designs that represent the game. There maybe artistic touches to the cake with a rummy table and scoreboard. These unique cake designs are ideal to gift rummy lovers on their birthdays. Cake designers try to come up with such innovative ideas often.

Bedsheet Embroidery

The four playing card signs namely clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts are lovely designs for embroidery. Someone who is obsessed with card games might as well try and create these fabulous designs on bedsheets to give them an artistic touch.

Playing Card Mosaic

This is another way to use playing cards artistically. You simply need to make use of the old playing cards to create an attractive mosaic which can be framed in your living room. The creativity of the artist decides how good the playing card mosaic turns out to be. If well made, this can be an ideal showpiece for the living room walls.

Playing Card Lamps

There are many alternatives in playing card lamps which you may try out at your home. Look for ideas online and you will surely come across something really attractive. Most of the modern artists enjoy showing off their creativity on social networks. This gives you an opportunity to try out the same craft yourself.

Playing Card Photo Frames

You may even use playing cards to create artistic photo frames. You can do this by selecting cards of a particular sign to create the frame. The cards maybe used just as they are or maybe cut and altered to match the photo frame design.

Playing Card Wall Art

The ideas to decorate your home with playing cards never seem to cease. You can come up with fascinating wall arts made from playing cards. Look online for such interesting ideas.

Wall Clock Made from Old Playing Cards

Another innovative and artistic idea that you may try at your home is the use of playing cards to make a wall clock. This is the best way to upcycle old playing cards.

Playing Card Wreaths

Give an innovative twist to your home this Christmas season with an upcycled playing cards wreath. This is really easy to make and it may look fascinating once it is made to perfection.

Playing Card Wind Chimes

An artistic bend can make you look at regular things in a different light. Someone with a real love of card games and who knows how to add the artistic touches can even come up with some truly unique wind chime designs.

Playing Card Jewellery

Some artists who have a high sense of fashion come up with some artistic jewellery pieces crafted out of playing cards. These may include fashion earrings or even necklaces. They are beautiful pieces of jewellery to add to your wardrobe.

When you have the love for rummy or any other card game and you also have an artistic inclination, there is always a surplus of unique ideas that come to life and this is just the beginning.