At Q Company, entertainment paves path for education

KOCHI:  Curiosity kills the cat. But, a cat has nine lives. So does Pranay Rajiv, Treesa Binny and Zaman S Khan. Their passion for quizzing has led them to start ‘Q Company’, which aims at educating children through entertainment.  Although the trio has been quizzing enthusiasts since long, it has been just five months since they started conducting quizzes under the venture ‘Q Company’.

What prompted them to take up quizzing was to dispel the misconception that mugging up facts was the sole method to be good at quizzes. “We wanted to develop a fun method to learn new things. Therefore, we decided to incorporate games that dealt with quizzes,” says Treesa, creative head of the team.

As quizzing helps in the overall development of a person, it encourages them to keep themselves updated and makes them realise there’s always much more to seek, says Treesa. Q Company has been providing content and hosting quiz competitions for schools, colleges, corporate and other organisations. Open quizzes are a regular event conducted by the company. One such open quiz was held at Eve’s Coffee, Pettah in the city. Treesa says: “We want to increase curiosity and develop interest among children by making the event more engaging.”

In addition to quizzes, they conduct also quizzing workshops for students. A recent workshop at Chinmaya Vidyalaya school in the city  included  50 students. Their workshops aim to help students of all ages to create an identity through quizzing. The workshop includes encouraging fact finding, question analysing, reading between the lines and also handling stress situations.

Treesa and Zaman are currently doing their Masters in Social Science from the University of Hyderabad. Pranay, a graduate in Political Science from the University of Hyderabad is preparing for the UPSC exams in Thiruvananthapuram.