How To Print Customized Stickers For Your Business

If you are looking for a unique way to promote your business, you may want to print custom stickers featuring your logo and contact information. There are many companies that allow you to design and order customized stickers. Here are several steps for printing customized stickers for your business.

1. Select Your Sticker Type. Websites such as Custom Sticker Makers allow you to choose from cut out, double cut, kiss cut and text only stickers.

2. Upload Your Design. If you are creating a sticker with a logo, you can add your design right on the website.

3. Fill In Your Sticker Size. You can fill in the height and width of your sticker. If you are unsure of the proper size, it is best to leave the measurements on their default settings.

4. Select Your Sticker Border. Do you want a border around the edge of your design? Maybe you want the design to bleed to the edge of the sticker. You can select these options on the sticker website.

5. Choose Your Sticker Shape. The option to change the shape is only available for text only stickers, and the selection includes oval, square and rectangular shapes.

6. Select Your Background Color. The color selection for your background includes black, white, red and blue. You want to choose a background color that does not clash with your design or text color.

7. Customize Your Text. Use this step to add the text to your sticker. You can also select the color, font and style of your text.

8. Send For Proof. The company sends your proof by email at no additional charge, and you can use it to make sure you are satisfied with your order.

9. Place Your Order. When you are satisfied with your stickers, place your order and wait for your stickers to be delivered.

The options may vary per sticker type, but the quick forms and drop-down menus make it easy to customize your stickers. You can promote your business by selling the stickers, giving them to customers or using them yourself.