Mermaid workout is the latest fitness fad in gyms. Here’s what it is about

Mermaiding is the latest fitness buzzword.

If there’s one thing that keeps the fitness industry constantly buzzing, it’s the latest fitness trends (read bizarre workout trends). The latest one is mermaiding.

Created by Fin Fun Mermaid, a company that sells mermaid tails, the workout series in now available on YouTube called as The 8-week Mermaid Transformation Series.

Inspired by the movements of the mermaid, the mythical figure that fairytales are made of, the workout incorporates body rolls into your swimming routine to help propel you forward. You may also choose to wear the mermaid tail to channel your inner Ariel.

Sounds simple? Well it’s not. “Like swimming, mermaiding is a full-body workout, but it especially focuses on the core muscles,” USA Swimming–certified coach Christine Dustin tells The body moves in a rolling motion which makes it extremely gruelling on your core.

With the added resistance from water, it becomes an intense workout, which is also safe. According to Dustin, the workout can strengthen your heart, increase lung capacity and improve flexibility.

Here’s how it’s done: 

1)Start with swimming freestyle for a lap or two to warm up.

2)Get in position on your belly with your arms stretched out in front of you. It is up to you if you wish to cross your hands on top of each other so that they mimic a dolphin’s nose. This is the dolphin kick swim position. When doing this roll through your whole body.

3)Next, hold both arms against your sides. Start rolling with your head and chest, picture a graceful mermaid gliding through the water to get a better idea.

4)Finally, swim on your back, hold one arm above your head and the other at your side. Roll through your head, chest, core and propel your body forward.