local news sherman oaks

Today many people may feel a bit trapped by the seemingly never ending and inescapable news cycle that’s available via our phones. The truth is that with the advent of the Internet and today’s ever-present Smart Phones, people who read the news have national and international news updates thrown at them hourly, half-hourly and sometimes by the minute. While all of this can be exciting, especially for those who revel in the news and the information it provides, it can also be fairly daunting.

More News Than We Can Get Our Arms Around

The incredible plethora of news the public takes in today can be at times overwhelming, especially since, quite frankly, most of it isn’t exactly happy news. During “bad news” cycles, many people start to feel overwhelmed and in need of solace. To put all of this in perspective, the reality is that in times past, people weren’t expected to absorb the minute details of tragic events taking place in other cities and states and even in other countries. Yet, the news continues to cycle on, and viewers keep reading it and doing their very best to absorb it all.

The Importance of Good Local News Sources

While the public continues to take in the national news at epic rates, the fact is that local news is still a vital part of the information people read. Local news matters to us in ways that affect us on a heart level, because ultimately, what happens near home is what really happens to us.

The impact of a vote on a local school bond will affect our children’s education. A Halloween carnival will impact where we go on Halloween to have fun with family and friends. Reviews of the movies playing at the theater down the street from your home will impact whether or not you go out on friday, and so on.

For people living in Southern California, local news Sherman Oaks, Hollywood, Studio City or Anaheim will matter more, in a way, than the updates from Washington, D.C. or news about the Metropolitan Opera. That’s because when a person makes a decision about what to do on a daily basis, what is going on locally resonates.

That’s why local news matters. It always did, and it always will.