Jaguar offers discounts to celebrate its 8th anniversary in India

To celebrate Jaguar’s eighth anniversary in India, the brand is offering discounts on select stock that’s available at the dealership. As a part of this offer, buyers can avail up to Rs 8 lakh off the price tag of the Jaguar XF and the brand’s latest SUV offering, the F-Pace. This benefit is of course applicable only on select retailer stock of vehicles that were manufactured in 2016.

Similarly, there’s a discount of Rs 2.41 lakhs on select stock of the Jaguar XE. These XEs are petrol versions that rolled off the production floor in 2016. Prospective customers need to note that these discounts may vary depending on the stock availability, dealer location, variant and optional features that the cars are equipped with at the point of sale.

If buying one of the above mentioned Jaguars has been on your mind, of late, we think the time is appropriate for you to splurge on your next car