Jaguar Land Rover reveals autonomous systems for urban driving

Jaguar Land Rover is leaving no stone unturned to pioneer in the driverless technologies. It recently revealed a few autonomous systems for urban driving and the car used for this demonstration is none other than the Range Rover Sport.

This autonomous urban driving system allows vehicles to obey traffic lights, along with negotiating T-junctions and roundabouts. The British manufacturer has designed and developed this system in its home country. While these systems are still in the prototype stage, the company says that it will achieve level four autonomy within the next decade. The level five is where a car can drive itself without the need of having a human inside the car. Once this level is reached, the car can drive itself to a parking location and also get out of the parking to pick up the passengers.

JLR is also working on a few other technologies like Intersection Collision Risk Warning (ICRW) warns the driver in advance when it is not safe to enter an intersection because of a high probability of a collision. It is also developing an Emergency Vehicle Warning (EVW) tells drivers when an emergency vehicle is approaching and from which direction.