Hummer goes electric

Hummer goes electric

The original Hummer H1 was the ultimate off-roader with humungous power, performance, and off-road capabilities. But now with the world going electric, it was time that the Hummer went green too and that’s where Austrian start-up Kriesel Electric came into the picture.

The Austrian start-up was founded by three brothers – Markus Kreisel,  Philipp Kreisel and Johann Kreisel. It began operations in a small garage, and started working on developing electric powertrains that could be fitted on any traditional cars. The brothers developed the Hummer HI off-road prototype in barely two months. It is equipped with high-performance batteries from Kreisel Electric with 100 kWh capacity and two electric motors on the front and back axles, a system output of 490bhp. The vehicle, which weighs 3,300kg, can achieve speeds of up to 120kph and has a range of about 300 kilometres.

Kriesel Electric, during the unveiling of its prototype e-Hummer, also expanded its operations by inaugurating its new facility. The new facility will have an annual production capacity of 8,000 battery packs for cars, home-storage and aviation. It will also produce and develop prototypes for carmakers and other industries.