Honda offering discounts of up to Rs 1 lakh this month

Honda offering discounts of up to Rs 1 lakh this month

Honda has ushered in various discounts and offers on cars which are valid till the end of this month. The benefits range from Rs 21,200 going up to Rs 1 lakh on select models. Read on to find out more such details.


There is a cash discount of Rs 1 lakh on the BR-V straightway. This includes the 2017 versions of the petrol and diesel models, but only in the VX trim. Before buying, prospective buyers should check the vehicle model year with dealers. The 2016 model-year car might be offered with more discounts.


All variants of the Jazz of 2017 year model, be it petrol or diesel, are on a discount of up to Rs 42,000. This includes a direct cash discount of Rs 15,000. The other benefits include accessories, Honda Assure insurance and many more value added services offered by the dealer.


On the 2017 year model of the petrol or diesel variant of Amaze (S/S(O)/SV/VX trims), there’s a discount of up to Rs 50,000. This includes accessories of Rs 26,000. The cash discounts vary from dealer to dealer.


Honda dealers are also offering discounts and benefits of up to Rs 21,200 on the purchase of the Brio. This includes insurance through Honda Assure at Re 1. More information will be shared by the dealer before booking the vehicle.

All the above benefits are applicable to potential buyers who plan to invoice or get a Honda car delivered between 1 September and 31 October 2017. Furthermore, the Great Honda Fest enables buyers to participate in a contest which will make them eligible for a trip to the USA. This covers places like the Space Centre, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. All the information has been shared on their website and dealerships will be able attend to customer queries too. Unfortunately, there are no discounts on the City, WR-V and CR-Vfor now.