Future of education in the digital world is Edutainment

Future of education in the digital world is Edutainment

Future of education in the digital world is Edutainment

From 4D theatres to virtual reality boards, our new age audience is hooked towards getting an experience of their lifetime, everywhere. Whether we travel to a holiday destination or buy a latest gadget or even attend a live show, entertainment today, takes centre stage by superseding money. This is irrespective of any industry or vertical, where driving satisfaction is through seamless experience.

Education industry is also touched by this phenomenon having the ‘Gen Z’ expectations sky rocketing with state of art tech surrounding them at all times and add to that accessibility of information at their fingertips. Education today is very different from what it was 20 years ago. Moving away from the conventional pattern of teaching and learning, the present age is witnessing a paradigm shift in the knowledge flows from one form to other. The education sphere is embracing digital developments, striving to meet the growing demands of the 21st century.

Future of education in the digital world is Edutainment

Increase attention span with edutainment

Our millennial’s attention span is reducing at an alarming rate due to swift increase in the amount of content availability today. From reading text to watching videos, attention span of students has come down to less than 8 seconds as per latest study of student behaviour. For educators, it is a big challenge to deliver effective communication within such short span. Therefore, education bundled with entertainment (Edutainment) adds that relevancy where students learn things while playing/gaming and effectiveness of knowledge is transformed into skill-based learning format.

Edutainment, a neologism, means forms of playful communications that is both informative and immersive. The game-based learning is the best involvement not only for children but also for adults who need thrilling experiences to make learning easier. Game-based learning has shifted focus from learning with lectures and written tasks to learning with games and it has become an indispensable part of modern education. Game based learning help children develop the skills that will be essential in their future jobs.

STEAM Education & AI with Gamification

In today’s world, setting students up for future success means exposing them to these disciplines holistically in order to develop their critical thinking skills. Engaging students around STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), aims to spark an interest and lifelong love of the arts and sciences in children from an early age. Artificial intelligence is a buzz word today in education and it is going to play a very crucial role in our education system going forward.

AI provides an interactive platform for students to learn coding in a gamified environment. AI also allow students to use robotics and other hardware which help them solve various real-life problems and see it in action. Gamification based on AI brings instinctual learning process within the child which eventually start tinkering process and helps them innovate through their actions.

Future of education in the digital world is Edutainment

Digital Education and Gaming Competitions

With sudden rise in app based educational platforms, interactive content and video-based learning modules – digital education has contributed significantly towards building a parallel ecosystem of visual based learning. They have added lot of convenience for children to learn on their own. But it doesn’t benchmark the learning progression of any child. Hence, at the end entire approach becomes unified.

Here, when we look at gaming competitions where multiple team comes together and work towards solving a common problem with innovative approach that allows students to play a more active role in their own learning process while giving them the opportunity to develop technical skills that will be needed in their future careers. It helps students build self – confidence, digital literacy skills. In an environment full of digitalization, fun and joy, the digital education and competition allows students to learn various aspects of life and empower them to become responsible global citizens.