Frankfurt Motor Show 2017: Borgward Isabella returns in a concept guise

Frankfurt Motor Show 2017: Borgward Isabella returns in a concept guise

The resurrected German carmaker Borgward marked the return of its Isabella moniker with an all-electric four-door design concept. The design study was on display at the Frankfurt stage alongside the original Isabella coupe. The Chinese-owned brand’s first halo product would take cues from this futuristic concept.

The most striking element of the Isabella Concept is the smooth flowing coupe-esque body style with a floating roof. There is no B-Pillar, while the C-Pillar seems tucked into the rear arches.

The doors open in a funky style, with the front door sliding ahead and the rear door sliding behind. The wheels are futuristic as well. The silhouette line is quite contemporary. The rear bumpers have well-styled diffusers.

The Isabella Concept follows Borgward’s new “Impressions of Flow” design principle. It measures five meters in length, is 1.92 meters wide and is 1.4 metre in height. The Concept uses an ePropulsion electric drive system.

The two tones of Zeitgeist Blue are matched in transition over the entire vehicle. The hood and the windshield, the windshield and the roof, and the rear window and the rear hatch gets this distinctive diamond-shaped graphic.

The interior of the Concept is truly futuristic. The centre console is an all-digital panel with 3D animations and interaction surfaces what the carmaker calls as “Surfboard”. The cluster is called ‘Scarf’ and has a holographic display.

There are lounge-like free-standing individual seats that gel well with the contemporary cabin. There are many exotic materials used in and around the cabin. The digital displays for a personalised cabin are available as well.

The ePropulsion drive from the BXi7 SUV powers the Isabella. The modular powertrain is developed along with LG Electronics. The carmaker promises a range of as much as 500 kilometres. A quick and inductive charging is also part of the package.

The show car has an eAWD system with an electric motor on both the axles. The two synchronous motors have a combined output of 300bhp with a max torque of 450Nm. The 0-100kmph is claimed in 4.5seconds with a top speed of 250kmph.

The Isabella Concept will spawn the first sports coupe for the Borgward since its resurrection. The car will be manufactured at the new European facility that is under development at the marque’s hometown in Bremen.