How to Find the Right IT Project Manager for Your Organization

Finding the perfect project manager for a given situation is difficult, especially when it comes to IT. Information technology and computer systems are always evolving, and keeping up with it will always be a hassle. It gets even worse when you need to hire someone from outside of your company to manage your IT projects, especially since you can’t just Google “IT project manager New Jersey” and expect to immediately find the right candidate. It takes some time and effort to find the right IT manager, but these tips should hopefully make things a little easier for you.

Look For Experience

When you look for an experienced IT project manager, you shouldn’t just go by how long candidates have been working in the field. You need to look at what kinds of projects they have managed in the past and how long they’ve spent working in specific roles. Keep in mind that it could take months for even the most experienced employees to become comfortable in a new role, so someone who has only spent a few months with their previous employers probably isn’t a good fit.

Education and Certification

Even though some might argue that education isn’t as important as experience, you should still look for candidates with the kinds of degrees and certifications that will prove useful in your company. It shows that they’ve at least completed the formal training required to do their job even if they don’t have a lot of on-the-job experience yet. It also makes it easier to sort through resumes; you can usually disregard the candidates that haven’t completed the necessary certifications and training yet.

Look for Follow-Ups

Once you get to the stage where you are interviewing candidates, look for those who will willingly follow up with you after the interview. Working as a project manager – even one that focuses more on IT than on personnel – requires persistence, so anybody who is willing to give you a phone call or send an email a week after an interview is someone you should consider hiring.