Do you have an eye for photography?


Hyderabad: The ability to make money as a photographer is all about harnessing creativity at the heart of your work and applying it to the monetisation of your talents while not doing the work as a full time profession.

As students we spend a lot of time sitting in front of computers and books, an active hobby can break that cycle, benefiting both physical health and mental well-being and also can help to earn some money while studying is a great idea.

One of them is photography. While photography’s foundation is technical, evolving through critical thinking and problem solving is a process. Learning to create depth in photographs through visual storytelling is a process defined through the powerful process of creation and critique. One of the most important parts of photography is not to be afraid to fail epically. Give in 100 per cent effort. You’ll either learn to create magic or you will learn a lot of things and different ways to improve quickly. And eventually, learn to recognise that failing is very essential in the process of learning this art.

There are a lot of reasons why such art is a must-learn for students because it teaches them to appreciate not only the environment and their surroundings but also nature and experience what is outside their classrooms. And then, have an opportunity to earn some money while studying learning as well.

Licensing is one of the most popular ways to sell your photos online to brands and publishers. Versatile photos that express ideas tend to be popular, especially when they feature human subjects or anyone who might have an interest in using your photos for their own purposes. If you want to sell your photographs online, you can easily earn some extra cash without even being a professional photographer as photographers of various skill levels are in high demand for their work, now more than ever as large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses to bloggers, graphic designers, marketers and publishers buy and use photos regularly online.

You can sell your photographs in these websites like Shutterstock, Alamy, Etsy, Fotomoto, and PhotoShelter to mention a few.

Popular photography courses in Hyderabad include SIA Photography and Rajan School of Photography, while Udemy offers the following online photography courses like Photography Masterclass, Night Photography, Digital Photography for Beginners with DSLR cameras and Photography Composition & Portrait Photography Masterclass. So what are you waiting for? Get clicking!

Things You Can Do to Make Money from Photography

  1. Sell or license your photos through stock photography sites
  2. Join photo contests
  3. Start a photography blog or YouTube channel
  4. Do freelance photography work for magazines or newspapers
  5. Get gigs as an assistant photographer