The Difference Between Studying Photography and Teaching Yourself

The Difference Between Studying Photography and Teaching Yourself

As a young, rebellious teenager in love with music and films, I discovered my love of photography when I was handed an old Olympus film camera and I have since fallen deeply in love with the art of photography. Years went by as I experimented with different ways of shooting and discovering new ideas I wanted to pursue in this medium until I finished school and needed to think seriously about what I wanted to do in life. The choice was easy: either become a musician or a photographer.

So I decided to pursue a career in photography after joining a few failed bands and realizing my ears were going deaf from sitting behind a drum set for eight hours a day. My parents were adamant that I study and perfect the art if I decide to make a career out of it, so I did. I embarked on a two year studying career to perfect my passion for photography. I learned a lot through the two years of studying while also having had the opportunity to shoot and use proper equipment in a professional studio. It gave me the feel of what to expect when I finished my studies and take this challenge head-on in the real world.

The experience of studying also granted me the opportunity to meet like-minded creative individuals and collaborate with them, which showed me the importance of collaborating at an early stage. And it didn’t end there. After my studies, I still kept in contact with s