Why do Card Games Continue to Be Man’s Best Pass-time?

People often look for means of entertainment that keep them engaged without making them feel stressed. That is why card games often score as a major means of entertainment not just in India but also in different parts of the world. It is true that people in different parts of the world have different choices when it comes to card games. Each card game has a different experience to offer to the player. Here we have listed out some of the most commonly played card games in India and abroad and why they act as the best way to pass time.

Indian Rummy

It is not surprising that Indian rummy has so many fans in different parts of India. This game is so popular because it is easy to understand and grasp. Anyone can learn the game with a little concentration and efforts. The main purpose of the game is to complete the required sequences and sets before anyone else. This can be achieved by peculiar arrangement of cards within the stipulated time.

A good rummy player will know how to optimally use the cards in one’s hands. He will arrange all cards in a certain order as soon as he receives them. Such arrangement makes it possible for a person to easily locate the cards he requires. He is also able to know when to dispose certain high point cards and replace them with low point cards.

Teen Patti

This is yet another popular card game in India. It is more commonly played in betting circles. The game depends a lot on betting and luck. Each person places a bid at the start of the game and then when they show the cards, whoever wins the bid gets all the points. The game requires a good deal of practice and intuition. That is why it is a common choice in most clubs and card gamer’s groups.

28 Cards Game

This is an interesting card game played in many parts of India. The name 28 has come from the fact that 28 cards are used to play this game. In this game, four cards are distributed to each player in the first round. Every player is given a chance to bid the number of points he will catch in the round. The highest bidder closes the bid. Then the next round of cards is distributed. In the offline variations, higher bids are allowed even in tis round but this is not so common in the online variations. If the bidder accomplishes the bid, his team is the winner. If he fails to accomplish the bid, the opposite team wins.


This is a four-player card game that requires a good deal of understanding. The two teams that play the game sit alternately so that each player sits opposite to his team mate. The game also involves bidding as to who will get the contract. The tea that gets the contract tries to fulfil it while the opponent tries to stop the team from fulfilling it. The game is very popular the world over a people from different districts and locations play the game in card clubs or gatherings.

Mindi Cot

This is another popular card game that involves team effort. The most significant card in this game is 10. The goal of both teams is to acquire maximum number of 10s. The game is interesting and keeps the players engaged till the end. The game also develops brain skills and memory of the players. This is a game frequently enjoyed during train journeys among families.

Card games remain man’s best pass time because they are easy to grasp and allow you to think and learn. Most card games depend greatly on skills as well as luck. A frequently player learns a lot through playing card games. As the chances of meeting people in your Indian rummy circles are few today, you may even download the Khelplay Rummy app to enjoy rummy right from your home. The app allows you to choose between practice chips and real chips. This means that you can enjoy gaming even without actual cash playing with this marvellous app.