Capturing Instructional Videos from a Computer Screen with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Creating tutorials and instructional videos are a great way to show people how to perform certain tasks and actions. If you’re thinking about creating one of your own however, it is important that you have the right tools at your disposal to pull it off.

With Movavi Screen Capture Studio you will have everything you need to capture and create amazing-looking instructional videos. It will give you the flexibility to choose how you want to capture the raw footage that you need, and you could opt to load existing video files, record your screen, capture footage via a webcam, import it from an AVCHD camcorder, or even digitize VHS tapes.

Needless to say this will let you create a wide range of video guides encompassing physical or digital tasks. However the best part about using Movavi Screen Capture Studio to create instructional videos is that it comes with a built-in video editor too.

Using this video editor you can ensure that the instructional video you create is top notch. Normally you would start by using Movavi Screen Capture Studio to process the footage directly, by cutting out parts you don’t need, merging clips together, or rearranging the sequence in which they appear.

Similarly you may want to improve the video quality by using the automated enhancement tools or manually adjusting the color settings in Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It is even able to correct some common issues with videos, such as blurry or shaky segments.

While that should give you a fairly decent-looking video, the fact of the matter is that it is still just scratching the surface of what Movavi Screen Capture Studio can do. It has a number of other features that can really polish your video and give it some flair by including background music, applying special effects and filters, linking segments with animated transitions, or inserting creative titles and captions.

All in all that should make it clear why Movavi Screen Capture Studio works so well as a video tutorial maker. Not only will it give you the versatility that you need to create any kind of instructional video, but it is also fully-equipped with the tools to make your videos look great. Rest assured because it is so user-friendly you’ll have no problem putting these tools to use, and odds are it will only take you a few minutes to experiment with them and learn how they work.