Candy-coloured funfair photography – in pictures

For his colourful Chroma series, Australian artist Ben Thomas photographs urban cityscapes: funfair rides and hot-dog stands are shot in pastel tones and edited in a fantastical way that makes them look hardly real. Creating the images requires “a lot of technical hoo-ha”, but his technique basically consists of finding the right weather conditions (bright summer days) and then editing the photos. “One of the primary goals for the series was to give each scene a sense of abstraction, almost hyperreal,” he says. Thomas distorts reality in his work and is a fan of tilt-shift photography, a technique that makes even the biggest subjects appear shrunken. “For me at the time, the whole concept was magical: you could really transform a picture into something mind-blowing. It was amazing to see reactions to the work, particularly when people realised it was real and not a model.”