Call for applications: First Brittany Grand Prize of Photography

Grand Prix Photo Bretagne

The French region of Brittany launches its first photographic contest. Open to “professional photographers, artisans, authors, visual artists”, this competition is mostly about “Brittany in all its forms”. The winner will be exhibited from 21 October to 4 November in Morlaix and will receive a prize of 10 000 euros.

As the site indicates, the only rule to photograph “Brittany, Brittany people … and its many lights, natural or built landscapes, its inhabitants, active or contemplative visitors, its materials …”.

The photographs selected and exhibited will enrich a new regional archive, available to institutions and companies. The copyright will be directly managed by the photographers.

The prize was created by Hubert Taillard (photographer), Alain Mingam (curator and president of the Jury), Paola Guerlesquin (Board member) and Jean-Yves Goujard (President of the French Federation of Photographic Art Galleries) .