How to build a camera kit for adventure photography

For most of my life, nature has been my sanctuary. My job and life keep me hyper-connected to the technological world, like many of us are, but it’s only when I get out into the fresh air that I am able to slow down enough to make some sense of the cacophony in my head. For many years, photography had no place in that. I just wanted to be in the experience, not fiddling with gadgets and settings. Eventually, though, I found myself wanting to share these places and these experiences, and some of them have to be seen to be believed.

What began as a tentative relationship with outdoor photography has evolved into a full-on infatuation that’s fed by digging into the work of legends like Ansel Adams and Instagram’s most creative posters alike. Now, I find myself planning whole trips around something that I want to shoot. In fact, it motivates me to get out into the wilderness even more than I did before.

While I certainly don’t claim to be on the same level as the incredible pros out there, I have spent a considerable amount of time over the last few years doing obsessive research and piecing together my kit. Through a lot of trial and error, I believe I’ve put together a very respectable adventure photo kit, and it’s one that (probably) won’t require a second mortgage. Here is my recommended setup. (Remember: you don’t have to buy all of this at once.