Best Buy Launches Photography Workshops

Best Buy Launches Photography Workshops

When looking to improve your photography skills, many turn towards YouTube videos and online training videos or even workshops lead by photographers they admire. Would you consider a workshop lead by a large retail chain for your next workshop?

I can only assume with more people shopping online, this is another way the Best Buy is trying to remain relevant beyond just a sale of a camera and provide more. They recently launched their Camera Experience Shop campaign to help customers come in and try out their expanded line of photography gear in the store. Canon, Nikon, and Sony have all partnered with Best Buy to provide trained professionals to offer their advice to answer all your questions. You can also now sign up for their photography workshops to help you take your photography to the next level.

Currently, they offer two levels of workshops. One is for the new photographers which are completely free and hosted at their Camera Experience Shops. The other option of workshops is aimed for intermediate photographers and only available at select stores. This workshop does cost $50 per person but includes transportation, a snack, and lunch.

I am not sure if this new initiative was sent out to every customer of theirs, or if it’s because I frequently look at photography gear when searching online, or the fact I have purchased gear in the past. Sometimes I even price match other online retailers to get the gear same day. In either case I am interested in seeing where this goes and how well these workshops are handled. I went ahead and signed up for one of the beginner workshops and will report back on my thoughts. Currently, there are no intermediate workshops available in Houston, Texas, but I will keep an eye out and possibly sign up to how those will differ from the beginners’ version.

Will Best Buy’s Camera Experience Shop entice you to shop once again with them? Any photographers interested in attending these workshops?