Audi recalls 8.5 lakh V6 and V8 diesel engine cars

Audi has issued a worldwide recall to its 8.5 lakh cars with V6 and V8 diesel engines. The recall is for the affected cars in European and other markets except for US and Canada. The main reason for the recall is to upgrade the software and avoid getting caught in the ban of diesel cars in Germany. The software updates will help to improve the emissions in the real driving conditions and will be done free of cost.This recall will also affect the Volkswagen and Porsche models too, which are using the V6 and V8 engines.The company has been working with the German Federal Transport Authority and the Federal Motor Transport Authority to rectify the fix. The manufacturer has said that they will be helping in the investigation with German authorities to rectify the problem. However, German authorities have said if Audi is using any defeat device then they have to face consequences.Another luxury car maker, Mercedes-Benz has issued a recall notice in Europe. The recall notice was issued for more than 3 million cars to lower the amount of nitrogen oxide emission from the vehicles.
The company is investing around $255 million in updating all of its Euro 5 and Euro 6 diesel vehicle in Europe. This process will be done in cooperation with the German authority and it will be done free of cost for customers. According to the German investigators, Daimler used the defeat device on its diesel vehicles, which makes them less polluting.In addition, Mercedes- Benz will introduce the new diesel engine that will meet the EU emission norms.