Art carnival by students to globalise Indian art

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An art carnival being organised by students here aims to globalise Indian art by bringing back the essence of the old classical art form in modern and contemporary art.

The 15th edition of Collage Art Carnival by Delhi Collage of Art School has been conceptualised by the Founder and Director of the art school Ashwani Kumar Prithviwasi.

It will continue till May 25 at the Lalit Kela Akademi.

“Art has no tribe and no boundaries. Despite, art is a medium to break boundaries and speak one universal language of peace and beauty. It altogether connects people with its own vibrations. Art speaks where words fail to explain,” Prithviwasi told IANS on Tuesday.

He said that the art carnival depicts the same philosophy in an all new initiative medium by the students of Delhi Collage of Art to bring back the old form of art which has somewhere lost its charm.

“It gives me unbridled pleasure to see how far we have come over a decade and a half. From relatively modest beginnings to being recognized as one of India’s major art events,” he said.

According to him, art is moving through a transformation with Indian artists opting for modern and contemporary art, somewhere the essence of old classical art form is missing where the focus was on Indian tradition and culture.

He further said that Delhi Collage of Art tries its best to maintain and empower the roots of Indian art by organising the carnival every year.

“This helps artists and art students to demonstrate their masterpiece. It also builds their capacities to preserve our traditions and cultures with old classical unique art forms which are also called the interactive art that may be understood even by a layman,” he said.