Art Blaze 2019 a unique initiative

Art Blaze 2019 a unique initiative

Summers are the time when parents take up seriously the innate talent of their children. And this projection is very obviously in the countless summer camps organised by schools, art teachers and hobby centres.

As The Children’s Fine Art Gallery is always aligned with the dimension of child art, the gallery visulised as a finale for all the art camps happening across the city. ‘Art Blaze – 2019’ is designed to bring under one roof a gamut of young artists from across the many summer camps happening in the city.

“The objective is to professionally display works for the public and to enjoy the momentum happening in the field of child art. There are innumerable summer camps that have held the hands of many children and The Children’s Fine Art Gallery is providing a two-day platform for students as well as teachers a moment of reckoning,” says Atika.

“The objective of this event is to create an interface between many like-minded students, parents and art tutors so that each one can build up confidence and rhythm in the sphere of child art. The Children’s Fine Art Gallery intends to counsel teachers, parents and students so that child art is given its rightful place in the years to come. And above all, this way stirrup community projects to feel connected creatively and rise above differences in various aspect of life,” adds Atika.

This is a unique initiative which is in alignment with the Gallery’s core work of propagating museum education to a cross-section of schools across the country. In this connection, the Gallery, in the coming days, will be providing free art teachers’ training as well. Art Blaze will be organised each year and plans are on to add more cities to its existing list.