AquaTech Wants To Bring Professional-Level Ocean Photography To Your Smartphone

With the domed port addition, the AxisGo can take photos split below and above the surface.Credit: AquaTech, LLC.

It’s not unusual for diligent college students to work to supplement the student loans, scholarships, and family contributions that fund their educations. Part-time jobs, summer work, and online tutoring can all help pay a hefty tuition bill. And Alan Love-LaPan, managing director of AquaTech, LLC., funded his undergraduate biochemistry degree the same way: by selling products he created on the side. Fortunately for him, his products drew the attention of a professional cinematographer while on a photography trip on Fiji’s Tavarua Island. That photographer asked if he could buy a few of Love-LaPan’s homemade waterproof camera casings, and Love-LaPan obliged. That moment inspired Love-LaPan to create additional camera cases and sell them in Hawaii during the 1998 surf season, when he estimates he sold maybe two dozen units. But the business grew from there, and Love-LaPan began selling them as his full-time job in 1999, two years after his graduation. They were custom made for clients until 2004, at which time AquaTech began stocking actual inventory. Now, AquaTech makes professional-level sport and underwater housings for cameras used in adverse conditions. The latest offering from the company is the AxisGo, an iPhone-specific case with an optional domed port accessory that allows users to take professional underwater photos without a DSLR camera.