18-Year-Old Creates ‘Smart Bra’ to Detect Breast Cancer

18-Year-Old Creates 'Smart Bra' to Detect Breast Cancer

According to the World Health Organisation, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women around the world and is particularly increasing in developed countries because a majority of the cases are diagnosed in late stages. To combat this problem, a young boy from Mexico has developed a ‘smart bra’ that is embedded with sensors that can detect the early signs of breast cancer.

This unique invention is a result of the hard work and intelligence of 18-year-old Julian Rios Cantu. It is very convenient to use as the bra needs to be worn only for an hour in a week so you don’t have to be uncomfortable. There are about 200 sensors fitted on the bra that analyse the surface of the breast and map the texture, colour and temperature. All the data is processed by artificial intelligence and then relayed to a computer or a smartphone app. The heat sensors used in the bra can detect the blood flow which may indicate that it is feeding the cancer cells.

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Julian Rios Cantu was motivated to create this unique ‘smart bra’ after his mother was detected with breast cancer and has to get her breasts removed after fighting the disease for a year. Early diagnosis of cancer is very crucial as it can help in better treatment, control and even cure of the disease. The problem with breast cancer, as the WHO points out is that in most cases it is diagnosed very late because the early symptoms need to be observed through self-examination which many people are unaware of or may fail to do.

As of now, a biopsy is the only way to know for sure that it is cancer. It is a procedure a small part of the tissue is removed to check if it is malignant. Before that, the patient may have to go through mammograms, imaging tests, or physical examination to detect lumps or any abnormality in the breasts. The American Cancer Society recommends that women should get yearly mammogram screenings starting from the age of 45.