15 things all 00s teens did for entertainment

15 things all 00s teens did for entertainment

What other decade can boast great teen activities like MSN drama, a lot of skating, Avril Lavigne and the cultural gem of Mean Girls?

The 00s were a golden age for teens, the WKD was flowing freely, the internet had become a thing, and phones started offering cameras for all of your selfie needs.

It didn’t matter if you were a self-identifying emo, or desperate to wear a lot of Urban Outfitters, or if you lived your life by the mantra of wearing pink every Wednesday, 00s teens were never short of ways to entertain themselves.

1. MSN

Total drama central.

Every night, you would wait for the dial-up connection to let you into the online equivalent of your very own Mean Girls community.

Secrets were shared, relationships started and blurry selfies shared.

Woman chatting on the phone
Ah, the days before WhatsApp (Picture: Getty)

2. So many boxsets

There was no such thing as catch up TV, so you relied on all the boxsets that you received for Christmas and birthdays.

This resulted in weekend long marathons of Friends, Buffy and The Simpsons.

The cooler teens opted for Peep Show and prayed that nearby parents wouldn’t overhear the drugs references.

3. Emo activities

The greatest way to express your teen rebellion and anger with your very British social setting was, of course, to become a self-certified emo.

You entertained yourself by undertaking rebellious activities such as colouring hair, creating beaded bracelets, or carefully ripping up clothing.

Basically being edgy and cool.

15 things all 00s teens did for entertainment

4. Or Mean Girls activities

You obeyed the classic rules, invested in the frilly skirts from Tammy Girls, and stocked up on the velvet tracksuits.

Except yours were from Primark and not Juicy Couture.

5. Grinded to Sean Paul

All of a sudden, all British teens in the 00s were overcome with an air of confidence and felt that they could master complex Jamaican dance moves, right in their bedroom in Kent.

In reality, you looked like an awkward mess trying to grind against the wall. Oh the cringe.

Rear View Of Young Brunette Woman's Back, Wearing Underwear, Semi Nude, Dancer, Dancing
(Picture: Getty)

6. Classic teen TV

Gossip Girl, The Simple Life, One Tree Hill and, of course, The O.C.

There really was no reason to leave the house.

7. WKDs

A 00s teen tasted true success if they were either able to blag to the shop keeper they were 18 and get the WKDs in, or when they could convince someone else to do it on their behalf.

Blue flavour for the win, always.

8. Illegal downloads

Thanks to quicker internet speeds, and the whole music sharing thing, you decided to illegally download all the music that you could get your little grubby paws on.

But thanks to Kazaa,